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Application Description

The work-pieces are jet engine ring components, from approximately 30 to 49 inches diameter. Heights range from a few inches to a few feet tall. The most common material is Waspaloy. Machining operations range from first operation rough machining after forging to finished dimensional machining. Generally, the work-pieces are custom-fixtured using finger and face-type clamps.

Momentum Machines Employed

This installation utilizes more than a half-dozen MVL-12HD and MVL-16 machines. As a standard, both models feature 240mm (9.44″) square rams and 45/55kW (60/74HP) spindle motors. The two model sizes also use common tool-holders and tooling, which reduces inventory required. For this application, the machines were configured to include MP-Systems high pressure coolant, Heidenhain linear scales, Renishaw tool setter probes, and Renishaw work-piece measurement probes.

Results Achieved

On the benchmarked work-piece, the customer reduced cycle time from more than 46 hours (using the prior machine and processes) to fewer than 21 hours (using Momentum MVL). This was an improvement of greater than 54%. The result was due to a combination of the MVL’s unmatched mass, power, and rigidity; the application engineering work done by the local distributor; and a collaborative partnership with the customer which allowed optimizing processes together.

Customer Perspective

‘The results have been excellent, with cycle improvements which speak for themselves. The mass of the Momentum machines is apparent just from looking at them, and that combined with their power and rigidity show up when they cut. Just as important, the distributor’s support has been very valuable to getting the most out of our investment’

Client Details

Customer: A pre-eminent Aerospace forging and machined component producer.

Jet Engine – Forged Rings
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