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Application Description

The work range is extreme. At one end of the range are rolls for aluminum mills which require turning 12,000kg (26,400lb) between centers and up to 18,000kg (39,600lb) using a steadyrest. At the other extreme are hydraulic cylinders which are light but require deep hole boring. The customer must transition between such types of work without excessive setup time, as lot sizes of one or two pieces are not uncommon.

Momentum Machines Employed

This installation uses an MFB-4050 flat bed lathe, which offers two sets of Z-axis box ways as a standard. The first set hosts a conventional turret, to turn, bore, and face work-pieces. The second set hosts a dedicated boring sub-carriage. This sub-carriage allows mounting a long boring bar. When not in use, the boring sub-carriage parks out of the way in the X-axis. Thus, the main turret, equipped with shorter tools, can turn all of the way to the chuck face This MFB model features 1,470mm ( 52″) swing diameter and 5,120mm (201″) length between centers.

Results Achieved

The MFB has demonstrated plenty of rigidity to permit heavy cuts while handling the large, 18,000 kg roll work-pieces. It has reliably run those parts for several years now. At the same time, it has given the flexibility to produce the lighter cylinders requiring deep boring, along with other miscellaneous work as shop scheduling has required.

Would talking with this customer be helpful?

If you feel that Momentum is a good fit for your application and that a discussion with an existing user would be helpful, we would love to help connect you. We only ask that your project be well enough along to be respectful when asking our customers for their time and that we together confirm the absence of competitive conflicts.

Client Details

Customer: A 120,000 square foot machine shop with both OEM products and job shop capabilities, specializing in hydraulic cylinders and large work-pieces.

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