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Best Supported

Great service and support, backed by the largest and most experienced distribution.

Most Customizable

A yes-is-the-answer approach to your project needs, with machines tailored in our wholly-owned factory.

Heaviest Duty

More power, more machine mass, and more work-piece capacity; all for more productivity.


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We provide everything that you would expect when making a machine tool investment, as well as these exclusive benefits:

The highest support standards

We are an American-owned, Houston-headquartered company, with a wholly-owned subsidiary which produces 100% of our machines. That, coupled with the industry’s best distribution network allows us to wrap our products more fully in support than does any competitor.

Flexible customization to meet your needs

From top to bottom, our organization’s mindset toward your unique project needs is “yes is the answer.” We readily tailor machines to your project’s needs in a timeframe shorter than many builders deliver a plain vanilla machine.

Machines that out-spec the competition

All of our offerings are unrivaled in terms of power, mass and other specifications.  Ours are the industry’s “heavy-duty” machines in every sense of the phrase.

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