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Application Description

The work-pieces are various wellhead, tubular, and fluid transfer components. The materials are numerous steel alloys. Machining operations entail roughing and finished turning and boring. Most work-pieces are held in a four-jaw chuck.

Momentum Machines Employed

This installation uses an MVL-16 machine. All MVL-16 models feature 240mm (9.44″) rams, 1,600mm (63″) diameter tables, and 2,000mm (78″) swing capacity.

Results Achieved

The MVL has lived up to its reputation as a heavy-duty workhorse, reliably machining a wide variety of work. In particular, it has been used to hog flanges from raw billet material when forgings are not available. This requires removing thousands of pounds of chips per work-piece, as shown by the before and after images above.

Would talking with this customer be helpful?

If you feel that Momentum is a good fit for your application and that a discussion with an existing user would be helpful, we would love to help connect you. We only ask that your project be well enough along to be respectful when asking our customers for their time and that we together confirm the absence of competitive conflicts.

Client Details

Customer: A diversified supplier of engineering and production work for oilfield service providers.

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