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Momentum's Ultimate Guide to VTL Construction

Be an expert in the construction of Vertical Turning Lathes (VTLs) with this simple, 10-minute guide. Learn how to easily recognize heavy-duty from lighter construction, how to root out machines inferior to your needs, and how to spot ones that don’t actually offer more even if they cost more.

MVL High Capacity ATCs for Millling Tools

Momentum’s high capacity, chain-type tool magazines allow adding 48 or more ISO-taper tools to the MVL. They also facilitate both the direct change of the cutting tool in the ram as well as the automatic change of the tools in optional right-angle heads.

MVL Compact Full Enclosure Option, to 206 Bar Coolant

This full enclosure option for the MVL-10HD and MLV-12HD models saves space while providing excellent coolant containment using high pressure coolant (HPC) systems up to 206 Bar (3,000 PSI). To facilitate work loading using an overhead crane, the ram automatically drops off and picks up the left side way cover, on operator command.

MVL Cutting Video

Even Momentum’s smallest vertical lathe, the 1.0-meter table MVL-10HD, shares a standard 55/45 kW spindle motor with its larger, 1.2 and 1.6-meter cousins. This video demonstrates a 1575 cc/min [96 cubic inches/min] of material removal rate (MRR), using 12.5mm [0.42 inch] depth of cut (AP), 0.9mm [0.035 inch] feed per revolution (F), and 140 m/min [459 SFM] of surface speed (VC). Material is JIS45 medium carbon steel. This process was not aided by high pressure coolant.

MVL Time Lapse Assembly Video

Watch a time lapse video of a Momentum MVL-12HD model installation. Video courtesy of the Robert E Morris Company.

Momentum Ultimate Guide to Flat Bed Lathe Construction

Learn how to tell a heavy-duty and feature rich flat bed lathe from one that may be too light or too poorly-equipped for your production needs. Momentum’s Ultimate Guide to Flat Bed Lathe Construction highlights seven key feature sets, with side-by-side illustrations to facilitate clear comparisons.

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