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Application Description

The work-pieces comprise mostly of bodies from ram and annular type BOPs, as well as their related components. Swing diameters are up to five feet, and heights reach up to five feet also. The materials range from mild steel alloys to Inconel. Machining operations are a combination of roughing and finished turning and boring. The work-pieces are held in four-jaw chucks. and specialized fixtures.

Momentum Machines Employed

This installation uses an MVL-16 machine. MVL-16 models feature 240mm (9.44″) rams, 1,600mm (63″) diameter tables, 2,000mm (78″) swing, and 10,000kg  (22,000lb) load capacity.

Results Achieved

The MVL has provided rock-solid production since 2015, showing the durability required to produce heavy work-pieces and survive in harsh oil and gas industry manufacturing environments.

Some of what they can tell you...

‘This sucker is as tough as they come. We crashed a 3-inch boring bar into a work-piece, which totally sheared off the bar. The part looked salvageable, and our customer was expecting us to ship it quickly. Panicked, we called the distributor to check and, if necessary, repair the machine so that we could finish the part. They found the Momentum still in alignment and nothing wrong. We were amazed. For a while, we kept that broken-off boring bar to show off the hit that the machine survived.’

Client Details

Customer: A Houston based, specialized provider OEM blow out preventers and related MRO services for the oil and gas industry.

Oil And Gas BOPs – “One Tough Machine”
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