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Cylinder Boring Setup

The MFB’s extra set of box ways provide independent travel for its optional boring sub carriage and boring attachment. They permit leaving a 4-foot or more extended boring bar, drill, or ejector drill in the machine, permanently set up. The boring sub carriage has an internal servo motor for X-axis motion.  It either uses an optional Z-axis servo motor or is towed by the main turret carriage for Z-axis motion. When not in use, the boring carriage parks back in X, away from the spindle centerline. It thus remains out of the way of the main turret, which can traverse the bed length without impediment

Heavy Work Setup

The MFB’s standard 230mm tailstock has a between centers rating of 8,000 kg. For heavier work-piece up to 12,000 kg between centers, an optional 280 mm diameter quill tailstock is available. Further work-piece support and far heavier load ratings are possibly by adding one or more steadyrests. As work-pieces grow in diameter, the MFB’s normal 52” swing can be increased, optionally, by 100mm. As an illustrative example, the part shown left weighs up to 12,000 kg and is approximately 40” in diameter. It is being run between centers in a standard 52” swing machine with the optional 280mm tailstock.

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