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Spindle Power Options

The MFB features a standard 45 / 37 kW (60 / 50 HP) spindle motor that is a frame-size larger than those on other flat bed lathes with a similar swing diameter. It is also available with optional motors, both larger and smaller, to accommodate special requirements. For example, the spindle motor can be increased to 55 / 45 kW (74 / 60 HP) as an inexpensive option.

Spindle Nose and Bore Options

The MFB is available with various spindle nose and bore options to fit varying needs to swallow workpieces. The base combination is A-15 with a 230 mm bore. But A-20 spindles are also available with bore sizes of 280 mm, 310 mm, and 355 mm. And of note, for those who do need to fit work down the spindle, the MFB is standard with a rear coolant collector and flange. A rear chuck itself, if required, is optional.

Workholding Options

The MFB’s standard A-15 or its optional A-20 spindle configurations will accommodate a wide variety of work holding choices, including 4-jaw manual chucks and 3-jaw power chucks, typically ranging from 610 mm (24 inches) to 1,000 mm (40 inches) diameter. As noted above, the standard machine configuration includes a rear coolant collector and chuck flange. As an alternative, an optional hydraulic cylinder is available.

Sub-carriage and Boring Bar Attachment Options

The MFB’s extra set of box ways provide independent travel for its optional boring sub carriage and boring attachment. They permit leaving a 4-foot or more extended boring bar, drill, or ejector drill in the machine, permanently set up. The boring sub carriage has an internal servo motor for X-axis motion.  It either uses an optional Z-axis servo motor or is towed by the main turret carriage for Z-axis motion. When not in use, the boring carriage parks back in X, away from the spindle centerline. It thus remains out of the way of the main turret, which can traverse the bed length without impediment

Steadyrest Options

A wide variety of optional steadyrests are available, suitable for a broad range of work types. Available steadyrests  include full wrap-around designs for end-of-workpiece and internal machining, and either hydraulic-closed or manual models suitable for O.D. turning.  Available, optional steadyrest base types include those which can be dropped into place, jogged to position using a rack and hydraulic gear-motor, or automatically positioned by a rack and servo gear-motor.

Larger Tailstock Option

The MFB’s standard 230mm tailstock has a between centers rating of 8,000 kg. For heavier work-piece up to 12,000 kg between centers, an optional 280 mm diameter quill tailstock is available. Further work-piece support and far heavier load ratings are possibly by adding one or more steadyrests. As work-pieces grow in diameter, the MFB’s normal 52” swing can be increased, optionally, by 100mm. As an illustrative example, the part shown left weighs up to 12,000 kg and is approximately 40” in diameter. It is being run between centers in a standard 52” swing machine with the optional 280mm tailstock.

Coolant Wash for Way Covers Option

Flat-bed lathes by simple physics have more load-bearing capacity and greater rigidity than do comparably sized slant-bed lathes. A downside can be that chip evacuation isn’t aided by gravity to the extent that it would be with slant-bed machines. Therefore, good housekeeping is required to avoid excessive chip buildup on way covers and other surfaces. An option coolant wash is available on the MFB to aid in pushing chips down into the conveyor. This wash reduces the time that an operator otherwise would need to spend attending to chips.

Other Unique Configuration Options

Please contact Momentum for any special needs. While MFB’s are available from stock, the base machine is also highly configurable. We are happy to assemble a machine to your requirements. For example, the machine shown left was delivered with an optional tailstock chuck and other special workholding, to meet a unique need.

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