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Taiwan Factory

Momentum's wholly-owned manufacturing subsidiary

Our facility in Taichung, Taiwan conducts all of our company’s R&D, machine assembly and testing, and global product and application engineering. As well, this location handles global sales and accounting, for business outside of North America.

Momentum wholly owns this factory, and we build 100% of our machines there. So we firmly control engineering and production. This ‘vertically integrated’ structure sharply contrasts with the more common model for machine sales in North America (that is, an importer buying machines from an unrelated supplier, or sometimes even buying successive serial numbers from different suppliers). Having our factory as a wholly-owned subsidiary gives Momentum advantages for customer support, customization capability, and product quality.

The Taichung area is a prolific producer of machine tools in general and vertical turning lathes (VTLs) specifically. In fact, well more than half of the world’s VTL production originates there. The area’s robust supplier base, therefore, creates a valuable complement to Momentum’s own operations.

Main factory entrance
Factory assembly bays
Factory assembly bays (cont'd)
A few of our terrific team
Column casting on end
Close up of segmented ways
Heavy box-way cross rail
One-piece saddle body
MVL base, packed to ship
Customer inspection visit
MVL-12HD completed
MVL-20M under construction
MFB lathe casting
C-Axis dual input adjustment
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