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Welcome to Momentum North America


The company is a passion project. During our four-plus decades in the machine tool business, my partners and I have been truly blessed, and so we own the Momentum Machine Tool Company today, not because we need to but because we enjoy it.

Every business is profit-seeking. But we founded Momentum with a distinct focus: to build heavy-duty machines, easily customized and well-supported. At the time, I also owned a machine tool distributorship, and its customers craved the kinds of solutions that Momentum offers. Momentum filled a void. And while we do the audited accounting and other measurements that almost every company does, I ask one primary question to gauge progress: are our customers 100% happy? Because when they are, everything else tends to take care of itself. We are fully committed to treating customers the right way, and while as a young company we haven’t always hit all expectations on the first try, we don’t rest until we meet them.

I’ve since retired from distribution, and so today, Momentum is my primary business focus. We are very proud of the customer benefits to which our distributors and end-users already attest. But we have also only scratched the potential’s surface. We very much intend that our company will become the gold standard for the machine types we build.

Thank you for taking the time to learn how we can uniquely assist you. We greatly value the opportunity to serve you.


Jack Butts, Chairman and Founder


In the six years since its inception, Momentum has continued to expand its product offerings to meet diverse customer needs. Recent line additions include the MVL-10HD, a one-meter table-sized, ram-type VTL, and the MVL-12HD-2R, a dual-ram version of Momentum’s popular MVL-12HD. More than a hundred happy users worldwide with demanding applications in aerospace, oil and gas, bearings, gears, and heavy equipment, among other industries, each attest to either the MVL or MFB’s construction and support quality.

Today, Momentum’s measured objective is 100% customer satisfaction, and it strives to attain that by consistently delivering on these critical promises:


1. Heavy-Duty Base Machines

Each MVL-series VTL model and each MFB-series FBL model is built on a standard heavy-duty base platform. This platform includes more than a dozen exceptional features, either unavailable or expensive options from other builders. Momentum alone includes them all in its base machine.

2. Custom Configurations

Momentum’s flexible production system completes the base MVL to your application needs, drawing from an extensive list of available options. Configurations that other brands require up to a year to deliver or do not even offer, Momentum often ships in months.

3. Exceptional Support

Having a well-supported machine requires the right distributor, foremost, and Momentum’s distribution has a long record of the top service. Additionally, the company is American-owned and has service offices in Houston. It assembles all machines in-house, at the factory it wholly owns in Taichung, Taiwan, using only prominent component brands known for reliability.




John Boland


John joined Momentum North America as its president in 2015, bringing almost 30 years of diversified experience in machining and related industries. For the most recent 17 years, he had…

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Jack Butts


Jack founded Momentum Machine Tools Company in 2015. A seasoned industry executive with over forty years of experience in industrial distribution, Jack had founded and led to success Associated Machine…

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Anne Beauregard


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Scott Albrecht

Service Manager

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Bobby Hanvey

Senior Service Engineer

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