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The Momentum Machine Tool Company was established in 2015 by present owners Jack Butts, Bill and Tim O’Connell, and Pitch Tseng. Their rallying purpose was to solve three sets of shortcomings historically endured by users of CNC vertical turning lathes (VTLs). Specifically, the group held as goals:

1. To Improve Support

Most VTL suppliers coordinate loosely. A machine is sold by an overseas OEM to an importer, then to a distributor, then to an end-user. These hand-offs isolate the OEM from the user, engendering a focus on rigid internal efficiencies instead of customer empathy. And the importer, not married to the factory, only halfheartedly commits. This supply chain delivers poor accountability, responsiveness, and product knowledge.


2. To Improve Customizability

Most VTL suppliers have little stomach for tailoring machines to customer requirements. They quote high prices or long lead times for options or decline to offer them altogether. That does a significant disservice, because VTL applications vary greatly, and thus so do their optimal configurations. A VTL ideally-equipped for an application can be up to twice as productive as its vanilla configuration counterpart.


3. To Improve Heavy Dutiness

Most VTLs are lightly built. “They don’t make them like they used to,” as the well-worn saying goes. Customers, particularly users of popular old manual brands such as Bullard, are commonly disappointed by what they find in the new CNC marketplace. And the few VTLs that are adequately-constructed have tended to be very overpriced.


How did the the VTL market niche become so underserved to begin with? Historically, the largest machine tool builders have underinvested in the space. A patchwork of smaller builders and importers filled the void. And the shortcomings above became the norm.

Momentum’s founders had other businesses with longstanding, good customers who routinely expressed these reservations about then-available VTLs. Jack Butts had started AmTTech in 1993 and grown his Texas-based distributor of diverse machine tool types to be a leading sales and service provider in the state. And brothers Bill and Tim O’Connell are the second-generation owners of Buffalo-based O’Connell Machinery, since 1951 a national rebuilder of Bullard and other manual VTLs. Though both companies earned outstanding reputations and loyal followings, neither could recommend a new CNC VTL that fully satisfied customers. So Jack, Bill, and Tim resolved to do better for them.


After many years evaluating various VTLs, this pursuit eventually led to the identification of one built to the heavy-duty standards that they had sought. The product, manufactured by Eureka, in Taichung, Taiwan, was introduced to AmTTech by Pitch Tseng, a longtime industry veteran. AmTTech’s customers quickly endorsed it. One purchased two units in 2012 and today owns a total of eight units. Those machines have run 24/7, under very demanding conditions, and with little downtime.

Thus, the founders had confirmed the identity of an ideal machine. However, their initial business model – a simple importation agreement – replicated and preserved the arms-length flaws of the VTL market as described above. The product was terrific but not yet matched to necessary customization and support capability.


The ultimate solution arrived in early 2014, when Jack, Bill, Tim, and Pitch were able to purchase Eureka. They renamed the firm the Momentum Machine Tool Company. They created a Houston-based sister organization, Momentum North America, to help distributors here provide sales, service, and other support. Momentum’s integration reduces barriers between its factory floor and its customers’ shop floors here. As a result, Momentum’s VTLs, as well as its recently developed flat bed lathes, each come wrapped in these unique, value-enhancing characteristics:

1. Best Supported

Momentum is American owned and headquartered, and backed by the most extensive dealer service staff in North America. Customers benefit from strong accountability, prompt responses, and excellent product expertise, and no VTL builder boasts a stronger reference list.

Click below to see our distribution network.


2. Most Customized

We readily tailor machines to your needs, utilizing our wholly-owned factory in Taiwan. Within the lead-time that most VTL builders can provide a vanilla machine, we’ll provide one specifically-configured for your most productive use.

Click below for some examples of machines optimally configured for their purposes.

3. Heaviest Duty

Our machines are built with power, rigidity, and guts proven to out spec, out produce, and out last any competition. The only thing more revealing than comparing specifications is actually seeing them side-by-side with a competitive machines. The advantages are striking.

Click below to view our video: “Ultimate Guide to VTL Construction.”


John Boland


John joined Momentum North America as its president in 2015, bringing almost 30 years of diversified experience in machining and related industries. For the most recent 17 years, he had…

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Jack Butts


Jack founded Momentum Machine Tools Company in 2015. A seasoned industry executive with over forty years of experience in industrial distribution, Jack had founded and led to success Associated Machine…

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Anne Beauregard


Anne helped launch Momentum and has since contributed finance and accounting expertise as well as market and business experience.   Anne had joined AmTTech in 2000, progressing through a variety…

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Denise Varella

Inside Sales Manager

Denise joined Momentum as inside sales manager in 2015.   A native of Southern California, Denise has over 20 years of experience in the machine tool industry.   Starting with…

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Scott Albrecht

Inside Sales Manager

Scott joined Momentum as service and parts manager in 2019. In various technician roles, Scott for two decades had serviced machine tool machines brands such as Mazak, DMG Mori Seiki,…

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