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Application Description

The work-pieces are jet engine turbine disks, with diameters up to 45″. Heights range from just a few inches to a foot tall. The materials are proprietary high-temperature superalloys. Machining operations entail multiple early-stage rough processes. Generally, the work-pieces are either held in a three-jaw chuck or custom fixture.

Momentum Machines Employed

This installation utilizes eight (8) MVL-12HD machines. Momentum, in fact, developed the MVL-12HD for this application, and it features a super rigid 240mm (9.44″) square ram and class-leading 45/55kW (60/74HP) spindle motor. These machines were configured to include three-jaw power chucks and hydraulic cylinders. Chuck and cylinder packages may be added to late model Momentum 1.2-meter table size machines such as the MVL-12, the MVL-12HD, and the MVL-12M easily, without spindle or other major changes. (Lead-time may be paced by the availability of the customer’s preferred chuck type and brand).

Results Achieved

The MVL’s produce parts at least 30% faster then did the various VTL brands employed before them. And the eight (8) machines installed in this application have provided well more than 100,000 hours of operation with better than 99% uptime availability.

Would talking with this customer be helpful?

If you feel that Momentum is a good fit for your application and that a discussion with an existing user would be helpful, we would love to help connect you. We only ask that your project be well enough along to be respectful when asking our customers for their time and that we together confirm the absence of competitive conflicts.

Client Details

Customer: A company established/dedicated to providing rough turning and other machining services for a critical aerospace forging supplier.

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