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Application Description

The work-pieces are valve and other flow control bodies and related parts. Diameters range from a few feet up to five feet, and heights reach up to five feet tall. The materials are various steel. Machining operations entail a combination of roughing and finished turning and boring. The work-pieces are held in four-jaw chucks.

Momentum Machines Employed

This installation uses an MVL-16 machine. All MVL-16 models feature 240 mm (9.44″) rams, 1,600 mm (63″) diameter tables, and 2,000 mm (78″) swing capacity.

Results Achieved

The MVL has produced quality parts since its installation in 2016, with virtually no downtime or problems. In 2018, the main product line of the plant which purchased the Momentum was relocated to a different factory with existing equipment. The MVL ‘made the cut’ as one of the few essential machines selected follow the work to the destination facility, while many others were sold off.

Would talking with this customer be helpful?

If you feel that Momentum is a good fit for your application and that a discussion with an existing user would be helpful, we would love to help connect you. We only ask that your project be well enough along to be respectful when asking our customers for their time and that we together confirm the absence of competitive conflicts.

Client Details

Customer: A Fortune 500 company division dedicated to flow control and measurement products, primarily for oil and gas applications.

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