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Application Description

Most work-pieces are gearboxes and other machinery housings. The user produces these items on both a contract basis for its OEM customer (i.e., to support the OEM’s new equipment production) and on an as-needed basis to support the users’ own MRO business. The customer also uses the machine to produce or remanufacture a variety of parts as needed.

Momentum Machines Employed

This installation utilizes an MVL-16M Texas Edition (TX) package machine. The TX package “supersizes” the machine main spindle power to 60/75kW (80/100HP) and adds maximum turning height via a 250mm (9.8″) ram extension and column riser. All MVL-16M models feature 240mm (9.44″) rams, 1,600mm (63″) diameter tables, and 2,000mm (78″) swing capacity.

Results Achieved

The MVL-16M allowed the customer to not only pull in MRO-related work which they had been outsourced but also to begin providing machining for an OEM’s new gearbox production. Machining performance has been excellent across a wide variety of work.

Would talking with this customer be helpful?

If you feel that Momentum is a good fit for your application and that a discussion with an existing user would be helpful, we would love to help connect you. We only ask that your project be well enough along to be respectful when asking our customers for their time and that we together confirm the absence of competitive conflicts.

Client Details

Customer: A specialized provider of OEM and aftermarket parts and services for machinery gearboxes.

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