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Heavy Duty ("HD") Configurations

Just because the parts get smaller doesn’t necessarily mean that machining the material gets easier. A 40-inch diameter Waspalloy forging is no easier to cut than is its 60-inch sister part in the same jet engine. Momentum therefore offers it’s “HD” package on 1.0-meter (4o”) table size MVL-10 and 1.2-meter (49″) table size MVL-12 model machines. The HD package bestows on both machines the 75 HP spindle motor and its gearbox, and the 240mm size ram and its corresponding saddle and cross rail size upgrades, from our 1.6 meter (63″) table size MVL-16 model.  That’s right… the MVL-12HD and MVL-10HD have the same motor and ram as our already class-leading MVL-16. No VTL in their size range offer comparable metal removal capability.

Super Alloy Productivity Configurations

Super alloys can reduce insert life to as few as five minutes. Momentum’s customers in such applications can select double-sided toolholders, featuring inserts on both the left and the right. After the initial cut on the right side of the workpiece, the MVL continues the cut on its left side. This doubles the time between toolholder changes, effectively doubling the size of the MVL’s ATC, and dramatically increasing unattended machining time. When coupled wtih MVL “HD” configurations, high pressure coolant, adaptive control, and other application-appropriate features, the productivity improvements can be dramatic.

Super Precision Configurations

High precision applications are best served by outfitting linear scales on the X and Z axis. This provides direct feedback about cutting tool position, irrespective of ball screw system backlash. When linear scales are combined with the extraordinary rigidity of the MVL, especially in its HD configurations, exceptional precision can be acheived. Often, such applications are best served by carefully selected workholding, including magnetic chucks or face-clamping fixtures, which avoid any diametrical pressure on the workpiece, five-jaw chucks whcih minimize external distortion, or other special workholding. Momentum works with its end users and distributors to develop the most effective configurations possible.

Left Side, 48-Tool Milling ATC (-M models only)

For significant additional tooling capacity, the left side ATC provides 48+ milling tool pockets in a chain type, vertical magazine. Larger magazines are available. A side-arm tool-changer quickly exchanges the milling tool in the ram head with the new tool. This side arm changer is also able to exchange tools in an optional right angle head. (Please note that the left side ATC option requires an optional, longer cross rail and left side door system).

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