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Spindle Power Options

MVL models typically feature a spindle motor that is a frame-size larger than those on other VTL’s of the same table diameter. To accommodate special requirements, most are also available with optional motors both larger and smaller than the standard one. For example, the MVL-12M features a 55/45 kW motor, standard, a cut above the usual 45/38 kW motor on other 1.2-meter table VTL’s. But this can be optionally increased to 75/60 kW, or reduced to 45/38 kW, to meet your needs.

Footprint and Height Reduction Options

While the standard MVL generally out-specs its competition, sometimes that is too much of a good thing because it is too big to fit within the allowed floor space or ceiling height. For example, MVLs and other VTLs having full -X-axis ram travel are wider than are machines without it. So if this is prohibitive, space-wise, Momentum compresses the MVL’s footprint by limiting -X travel. This narrowing changes sheet metal, not core components such as castings or ball-screws, so it leaves specifications besides -X travel unchanged. Other adaptations can slim machine depth or reduce height, when required.

High Precision Options

High-precision applications can be accommodated by linear scales on the X and Z axis. These provide direct feedback about the cutting tool’s position, irrespective of ball screw backlash. When linear scales are combined with the extraordinary rigidity of the MVL, terrific precision can be achieved. Such work may also benefit from special workholding, for example the magnetic chuck shown left, which can help to avoid distortion on the workpiece. Alternatively, five-jaw chucks can lessen that distortion. Momentum works with customers to specify and provide the most effective configurations possible.

Power Chucking Options

A power chuck may reduce the time required to load and unload workpieces. All MVL-models are available with optional power chucks, whether the 3-jaw self-centering chuck for which the machines have been engineered or your own preferred make and model. Specifying an MVL with a power chuck, or with power chuck preparation, also equips the machine with an A-type mount or other suitable adaptor, a through-hole spindle to accommodate the drawbar, and a hydraulic actuation cylinder. Stroke control or other preferred monitoring functionality is also available

Special Toolholder Options

While the MVL’s standard toolholders provide good flexibility, some work merits a specially-tailored approach. For example, customers can specify double-sided toolholders with CAPTO quick-change. Combined with the MVL’s rare, full-cross rail design, this gives up to 32-cutting edges from a 16-tool ATC. The operator can change the CAPTO heads in the ATC while the MVL cuts. This particularly benefits machining of materials such as high-temp super alloys which shorten insert life.

CAPTO and other Ram Options

The MVL can be configured so that the ram and tool changer natively (i.e., without intermediate tooling blocks) accept CAPTO or other standards. These designs may also replace the horizontal-umbrella rotation style ATC with a vertical chain ATC and a side-arm tool-changer instead, reducing floor space and tool change time. Shown left is a machine having a CAT-60 ram and ATC, permitting the use of expensive and difficult-to-replicate legacy tooling already owned by a customer

High Capacity Milling Tool Options

If milling tool capacity beyond that of a standard, right-side ATC is required, then a supplemental left-side, chain-type ATC for milling tools can expand capacity by 30+ tools. Either a side-arm tool-changer or a robot arm exchanges the milling tool in the ram head with the new one from this ATC. This system can also exchange tools in an optional right-angle head. It gives terrific utility.

Top Enclosure Option, to 70 Bar Coolant

The MVL-series offers containment options for high pressure coolant applications that may allow excessive mist or spray to escape from standard VTL sheet metals (which leave a “top window,” for ram-traverse, between the doors and X-axis way covers). Shown left, the MVL’s top-enclosure option fills the top window. A notch to the left of the ram allows a crane’s hoist cable to pass through, for work loading. This enclosure seals at one cross rail position; setup is required to change position

Top Enclosure Option, to 206 Bar Coolant

MVL’s compact full-enclosure features X-axis way covers that are in-plane with the saddle’s face and meet the extended door tops, leaving no “top window” for coolant escape. To enable work loading, one side power-retracts, allowing a hoist cable to enter, as shown at right. This enclosure seals at all cross-rail positions.

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